As stated earlier on the web pages Buddies is about the members and what they want. As long as it is safe, legal (!) and has a good outcome we do what we can to facilitate requests. Below is the current and near future list of projects, all of which have originated with the members.

Bestenders Funded by Buddies

This is part of Buddies' Learn IT Literacy programme (skills, confidence and IT abilities).
Bestenders is a monthly spoof soap opera. It can be viewed via our Facebook page or Youtube. Outcomes for members for this cannot be described: you need to see it to understand! We have had guest appearances in Bestenders from the Provost and our MSP. WE hope you will enjoy this!

Biker Buddies

We have received funding from The Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community Fund of Cycling Scotland in the amount of £2260
The aim of Biker Buddies is to promote cycle awareness and fitness for Buddies' members through enjoyment of their joint achievements and awareness of their wider surroundings.

The members said:
- Biker Buddies is a great way to take Buddies (the club) out into the community
- They wanted to offer a cycle project that is informal and cost efficient to those often with financial constraints was something Buddies could contribute towards. Members liked the idea of being able to share with others so the bikes are available to other disabled non members of Buddies and their families.
- They would like, where possible, to be able to take out bikes instead of using public transport
- They loved the idea of using the bikes to go out to parks and other council facilities
- They can get fit
- They wanted to find out more about their local area and they could do this in safety by using the increasing number of cycle paths around the town
- They looked forward to more fund raising events using the bikes. They had a great time last time we had a sponsored bike ride

We have partnered with Cycle Dumfries for training leaders and support for our more formal rides out. We are also hoping that a local high school will join us to help out on rides

Friday Functions This project is funded by Buddies and Fare Share
This project is being rolled out later in the year and is themed with the Kooky Kooks project. We will be inviting guests from local day centres, retirement homes and other centres to come for lunch which will have been cooked by our members and, afterwards, games and music so that the generations can integate.

Glorious Gardens

This project was enabled by the "Grab a Grand" appeal by Vodafone
With money received from this fund we were able to buy garden furniture for our small outdoor space as well as bird boxes, feeders and insect houses.
The idea behind the project is to teach the members about how plants and food grow and the care required to enable healthy root systems and good garden hygiene. The members are responsible for keeping the area clean and the boxes weeded and watered. Diaries are kept of what birds are coming and what foods they like. At the moment we have had a pair of House Martins back and a new Robin visit.
The members hope to hold BBQ evenings to add another social session to their already busy calenders!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Surprisingly, this is a Christmas project: it is our winter fundraiser. The library room doubles up as a Santa's Grotto. This is something that is offered to all families with small children and not just to disabled people. Our club room is for older family members to play games and have refreshments whilst their younger siblings meet Santa. We also have a tombola and a raffle. Members are fully involved in this by acting as Elves, baking for the refreshments, playing games with guests, etc. We also make an appeal for toys and raffle prizes to support this event. The project runs for the last six Saturdays before Christmas.

Kooky Kooks

This project is funded by Buddies

In order to help us support members to reinforce their life skills we listened to the members tell us that cooking was not only something they enjoyed but needed help to keep up with at home. Kooky Kooks is about:
- selecting receipes (reading skills, knowledge of healthy eating), going to buy the ingredients (confidence, handling money, numeracy) and coming back to cook the meal (kitchen skills, following instruction, safety in the home).
- sharing the meal with the other members at lunch time
- members cooking their own dinner and taking it home. This process can be filmed in stages and compiled onto a DVD to be recreated at home. Receipe books are laminated and then bound in book form

Library Lovers

Project funded by the MacRobert Trust and Buddies
This is the big one! £3569 awarded to create a library within Buddies.
Members told us they often found it difficult to go into spaces that are designed to provide a public service where, sometimes, only a nod is given to the requirements of a disabled person. We found resistance to encouraging reading skills by promoting the public library as our members said they were embarassed to go there because there were not any books of content that matched their reading abilities. They suggested they wanted to start a library.
The library stock is only about 80 books to date. We have funding for up to 3,000 books but we need to make sure we get it right. We are buying the books in small quantities to make sure the content and text is age and ability appropriate.
By suggesting a library the members also saw beyond their own needs as they suggested this resource could be offered non Buddies members and their families.
Buddies has a smaller room alongside the club room where the library is housed. There are work stations and reading aids. Members and others can spend quiet time discovering the joy of books and sharing stories.
Each month there will be a theme to encourage different aspects of reading.

Wicked Wednesdays and Thumping Thursdays
Projects is funded by Buddies
These are evening social club where members and disabled non members of Buddies can drop in for games, pool, Wii, bingo. Each month Thumping Thursdays has a themed evening.